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NORRA 1000 CAR1 2024
Retirements 12/12
44 Retirements

3PostHistoric Truck and TruggyFord F-150P42-SS01Mechanical?
10OliverEvolution Production Turbo UTVPolaris Pro XPP21-SS01Withdrew
11KellyEvolution Production N/A UTVPolaris XP1000P32-SS01Motor failure
21HolmesEvolution Production N/A UTVPolaris RZRP32-SS01Mechanical?
50SaundersEvolution Production N/A UTVPolaris XP4 1000P32-SS01Mechanical?
57YocomEvolution Unlimited TruckFord F150P42-SS01Mechanical prob.
76ScarboEvolution Ultra 4x4Scarbo SV RoverP62-SS01Mechanical?
86CulbertsonVintage Open BuggiesRaceco Class 1P51-SS01Mechanical?
100DeanEvolution Unlimited BuggyAll Star 2 SeatP51-SS01Mechanical?
112WeberEvolution Unlimited BuggyAlumicraft Class 1P51-SS01Mechanical?
122DelaneyEvolution Production Turbo UTVSpeed UTV El DiabloP62-SS01Mechanical?
136BillsVintage Open BuggiesChenowth DR2P21-SS01Withdrew
143VerseyEvolution Open UTVCan Am Maverick RP42-SS01 DQ, Chase Crew Causing an Accident
263SparEvolution Production Turbo UTVSpeed UTV El DiabloP21-SS01Withdrew
279AdlerEvolution Heavy MetalChevy Pre RunnerP21-SS01Withdrew
381FultsEvolution Ultra 4x4Liberty Mountai Ultra 4P32-SS01Withdrew
410BrinkEvolution Trophy Lite / 3000Trophylite 18P12-SS01Mechanical?
502CrispVintage Class 5Frisk/jimco Unlimited Baja BugP32-SS01Withdrew
507PaquetteVintage Class 5Jakes Fabworks 5uP51-SS01Mechanical?
509BriggsEvolution Production Turbo UTVCan Am X3 RR TurboTC0-D2Mechanical prob.
511BelkVintage Class 5VW Class 5P42-SS01Mechanical prob.
747McpheeEvolution Pro 2000 UTV/Class 10Polaris Pro RP62-SS01Mechanical?
807Van LeeuwardenEvolution Heavy MetalFord Class 8P32-SS01Mechanical?
808AltonEvolution Open UTVCan Am X3 AlsupP51-SS01Mechanical?
811GliddenEvolution Heavy MetalChevy 1500P21-SS01Withdrew
829BriggsEvolution Pro 2000 UTV/Class 10Polaris Pro RP12-SS01Mechanical prob.
835HearnEvolution Prerun TrucksFord BroncoP21-SS01Mechanical prob.
875WhittedEvolution Production Turbo UTVCan Am X3P62-SS01Mechanical?
911SmithVINTAGE 6-CYL BUGGIESMirage 6 CylP32-SS01Mechanical?
990HunterEvolution Production Turbo UTVPolaris RZR XP TurboP21-SS01Mechanical prob.
995MinnierEvolution Prerun BuggiesAlumicraft GrandeP42-SS01Mechanical?
1504CrockettEvolution Production Turbo UTVCan Am Maverick X3P12-SS01Mechanical prob.
1540ReardonEvolution Unlimited BuggyPenhall 3 SeaterP42-SS01Mechanical?
1912TorneroEvolution Production Turbo UTVCan Am Maverick X3P12-SS01Did not start
1960AlexanderEvolution Production N/A UTVPolaris RZR 1000P51-SS01Mechanical prob.
2008AldridgeEvolution Prerun BuggiesEs Motorsports Pre RunnerP32-SS01Mechanical?
3524McLemoreEvolution Production Turbo UTVSpeed UTV Baja Bandit #3524P42-SS01Withdrew
3557BrownEvolution Production Turbo UTVSpeed UTV BanditP21-SS01Mechanical prob.
3560ChristianEvolution Production Turbo UTVSpeed UTV BanditP51-SS01Mechanical?
3825BoltonEvolution Production Turbo UTVCan Am X3 MaxP56-TC03Mechanical?
6130BlackEvolution 6100Joe Black Racin Spec TruckP62-SS01Mechanical?
6142CeccantiEvolution 6100Geiser 6100P32-SS01Withdrew
7069KirbyEvolution Production Turbo UTVCan Am X3P32-SS01Withdrew
7711HurstEvolution Pro 2000 UTV/Class 10Polaris RZR Pro RP51-SS01Mechanical?
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