Mexican 1000 - Cars - Official Results

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MEXICAN 1000 CAR 2018
Official Classification
62 Retirements

31McMillin/Evolution Prerun TrucksMason Motorspor Trophy Truck0Did not start
51Ramirez/Evolution Prerun BuggiesKalikustoms Prerunner0Did not start
74Fitzgerald/Vintage Open TrucksFord F1000Did not start
81Black/Evolution Heavy MetalPro Truck Chevy0Did not start
375beatty/Pioneer 4x4sInternational Scout 8000Did not start
816lewis/Pioneer 4x4sDodge Power Wagon0Did not start
866Maurin/Challenger BuggiesChaparral Single seater0Did not start
878Munoz/Vintage Open Truck w/4x4Ford 19780Did not start
911Vail/Pioneer 4x4sToyota FJ-400Did not start
1422Rogers/Vintage Open TrucksFord F-1500Did not start
1573PeCoy/Evolution Unlimited TruckGeiser TT0Did not start
6969Chemler/Pioneer BugsVW Beetle0Did not start
6Cardone/Vintage Open TrucksChevrolet 1500C12-SS01Did not start
47Bult/Historic Historic Truck and TruggyRam 2500C12-SS01Did not start
60Binnette/Evolution Modified UTVPolaris RazorC12-SS01Did not start
231noval/Vintage 6-cyl BuggiesMirage Porsche BuggyC12-SS01Did not start
250Langley/Evolution Heavy Metalmason motorspor TTspec/6100C12-SS01Did not start
987VanMatre/Evolution Stock UTVC12-SS01Did not start
1004Grimsley/Evolution Class 10Tatum race carC12-SS01Did not start
2025Carricaburu/Evolution Unlimited TruckCarricaburu V-driveC12-SS01Did not start
113Townsley/Evolution Unlimited BuggyChenowth DR2C14-SS02Did not start
111Rudolph/Evolution Prerun BuggiesRacer PreRunnerC14-SS02Did not start
756Button/Evolution Stock Turbo UTVpolaris RZR 1000C14-SS02Did not start
525Paquette/Vintage Class 5RACECO Class 5 UnlimitedC21-SS01Mechanical prob.
580Ford/Vintage Open Truck w/4x4Ford F-150C21-SS01Mechanical prob.
888Montgomery/Evolution Prerun TrucksChevy CK2500C21-SS01Mechanical prob.
1059Richard/Evolution Class 10Tatum 10, 2 SeatC21-SS01Mechanical prob.
29Carothers/Evolution Stock UTVPolaris xp4 1000C31-SS01Did not start
46Sykes/Vintage Open TrucksFodge F100C31-SS01Mechanical prob.
49Mcfarlin/Evolution Prerun BuggiesPre runner 3 seatC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
124Fiolka/Vintage 4-cyl BuggiesFinishline .C31-SS01Mechanical prob.
717Livingston/Vintage 6-cyl TrucksToyota PickupC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
760McIntosh/Evolution Prerun BuggiesDesert Dynamics Pre-RunnerC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
806Mcneil/Evolution Prerun TrucksFord RaptorC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
829Feldkamp/Challenger TrucksFord F-150C31-SS01Did not start
1042Ferry/Evolution Prerun BuggiesRevenge Racing SidewinderC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
1563devlin/Evolution Prerun Buggieskevco engineeri fourseaterC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
1719Nissley/Vintage Short Wheelbase 4x4Jeep CherokeeC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
4568Zaro/Evolution Ultra 4x4Home built KOHammerC31-SS01Mechanical prob.
9Bartell/Vintage 6-cyl TrucksFord RangerC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
30McMillin/Evolution Unlimited TruckGeiser Trophy TruckC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
61Croudy/Evolution Unlimited Buggyalumicraft 2 seat pre runnerC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
71Nicholson/Vintage Open Truckscustom broncoC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
75Benson/Evolution Ultra 4x4Dodge Power WagonC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
79Christy/Vintage Open Truck w/4x4Chevy SuburbanC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
103Dailey/Evolution Stock Turbo UTVPolaris RZR XP1000C41-SS01Mechanical prob.
189Walker/Evolution Prerun BuggiesKreger 4 seaterC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
222Button/Evolution Stock UTVPolaris RZRC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
802Tjeenk/Vintage Open TrucksFord BroncoC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
1460Lindsay/Evolution Prerun BuggiesPenhall Quatro DiabloC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
1464Legg/Evolution Heavy MetalFord RangerC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
8888scherer/Evolution Modified UTVyamaha yxzC41-SS01Mechanical prob.
4414Shipman/Evolution Ultra 4x4Campbell Ent. BuggyC45-SS03Withdrew
44Ostanik/Evolution Prerun BuggiesDesert Dynamics 4 seaterC52-SS02Mechanical prob.
88Mahnke/Evolution Modified Turbo UTVpolaris rzrC52-SS02Mechanical prob.
91Jones/Vintage 4-cyl BuggiesCurry Class 12C52-SS02Mechanical prob.
198Dinsmore/Evolution Stock Turbo UTVPolaris RZRC52-SS02Mechanical prob.
512Belk/Vintage Class 5VW Class 5C52-SS02Mechanical prob.
1010Mahnke/Vintage Open Truck, Rear Leafs1992 F150C52-SS02Mechanical prob.
1099Nance/Evolution Class 10Penhall ChollaC52-SS02Mechanical prob.
1525Melton/Evolution Prerun BuggiesBMS 3-PRC52-SS02Mechanical prob.
2920Hase/Evolution Modified Turbo UTVCan-am MaverickC52-SS02Mechanical prob.

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